One Trash Container Rental for All Your Waste Needs – On Time & On Budget

When you have more than one or two bulky items or any kind of construction materials the Los Angeles Solid Waste department won’t be able to help. That’s where comes in. Our waste dumpster rentals are a single-stream resource for virtually all your bulk waste needs.

  • Professional waste removal that is within all Los Angeles city and LA County regulations.
  • Upfront pricing and competitive prices.
  • Time saving service that brings everything you need to your job site.
  • Exemplary customer support that helps you select the most cost efficient options and keep your projects moving forward.

We Handle the Waste Separation for You The city of Los Angeles is serious about reusing and recycling of as many materials as possible. As of 2012 there are also state mandates that require commercial recycling. It’s easy to get sidetracked and slowed down by separating the recyclables from trash, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. With the dumpsters for rent from the waste separation is done for you. It’s just one way we save you time, money and hassle when renting commercial or residential dumpsters in Los Angeles.

Garbage, Yard Waste and Recyclables – Get Everything in a Single Dumpster Container

Each year the city of Los Angeles collects more than 1 million tons of refuse. Bulk waste roll-off dumpsters help to collect and transport a significant portion of the trash that is generated during construction, renovation and clean up projects. Customers in LA choose because we make the garbage removal process stress-free.

All your different debris from flooring to roofing materials can be put in a single large dumpster to streamline the process and minimize the cost. Each waste container for rent is a:

  • Construction dumpster
  • Yard waste dumpster
  • Dirt dumpster
  • Concrete dumpster
  • Roofing dumpster
  • General garbage dumpster

How to Handle Hazardous Waste

Pieces of debris that are considered to be household hazardous waste are the only items that can’t be put in a waste containerrental. There is certain protocol that has to be followed in order to ensure that toxic materials don’t negatively impact the environment. Throwing hazardous materials in a trash container is a serious offense that’s punishable with fines of $5,000 or more per day.

All of Your Trash With No Concerns Over Violating Waste Removal Regulations Our Professionals Make LA Dumpster Rentals Easy & Affordable

How to Decide Which Dumpster Size Will Be Adequate & Affordable

Want to save money on your Los Angeles roll-off rental? Choosing roll-off container sizes that can adequately hold all of your waste in the fewest loads possible is the best way to keep on budget. Los Angeles city’s extra capacity garbage containers only offer an extra 30 gallons, but our selection of dumpsters are able to hold thousands of pounds.

However, weight is just one part of the equation. In order to get the best dumpster rate possible consider the following:

Waste weight – Trash dumpsters are built to hold a max weight limit. If the weight is exceeded overage fees may be applied.

Waste Amount – In addition to weight, trash containers also have a maximum amount of cubic space.

Onsite Space for the Container –You will need to have a flat, solid surface that has enough space for the dumpster as well as a certain amount of clearance.

Weight Limits& Cubic Capacities for Standard Dumpster Sizes

The dumpster dimensions listed here are the standard sizes for commercial and residential dumpster rentals:

10 YardRoll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our 10 yd dumpster has 10 cubic yards of space and 4,000 lbs. max capacity that’s equal to 3 pickup truck loads.

15YardRoll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our 15 yd dumpster has 15 cubic yards of space and 6,000 lbs. max capacity that’s equal to 4.5 pickup truck loads.

20 YardRoll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our 20 yd dumpster has 20 cubic yards of space and 8,000 lbs. max capacity that’s equal to 6 pickup truck loads.

30 YardRoll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our 30 yd dumpster has 30 cubic yards of space and 10,000 lbs. max capacity that’s equal to 9 pickup truck loads.

40 YardRoll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our 40 yd dumpster has 40 cubic yards of space and 10,000 lbs. max capacity that’s equal to 12 pickup truck loads.

Customers can get personal assistance from a rental expert to quickly and easily select the most cost effective roll away dumpster for your residential or commercial project.

Don’t Overspend on a Local Dumpster Rental: How We Help You Save

Failing to follow city and state waste removal regulations or working with an unreliable dumpster company can lead to huge expenses and headaches. We are known for offering cheap dumpster rentals without sacrificing service. All of our residential and commercial customers can keep costs low with:

  • Expert assistance selecting the best dumpster for the job, scheduling and arranging for pickup in a timely manner.
  • Transparent dumpster pricing that keeps the cost straightforward and easy to estimate.
  • Easy to understand terms and conditions that clearly state all costs.
  • No hidden fees or extra taxes that significantly add to the total.

Our roll-off dumpsters are always affordable and our service is always reliable. If keeping costs low is a top priority give us a call or schedule your dumpster delivery online in minutes.