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4 Ways You Can Support U.S. Land Conservation Efforts

Serenity lake in tundra on Alaska

Protecting land within the U.S. is a big task. At the turn of the 20th Century then-president Theodore Roosevelt became a champion for land conservation to protect wildlife species, ecosystems, and precious landmarks. He saw certain swaths of land as public spaces that belonged to all Americans, and recognized that their existence was in danger.

In a time when many people thought that our natural resources were limitless, President Roosevelt saw things for what they really were. He knew that expansion came at a cost, and without protecting land our country was at risk of depleting our precious natural environments. In an effort to correct the problems, President Roosevelt created the United States Forest Service (USFS) and enacted the 1906 American Antiquities Act.

Now as our country faces new environmental threats, conservation is more crucial than ever. Each and every one of us can take action to protect our public lands and follow in the footsteps of our “conservationist president”.

Visit National and State Parks

Anytime you visit a national or state park you are showing your support. The funds that you pay for entrance fees, camping fees, and necessities go back to the National Park Service (NPS) and state departments so that they can continue maintaining preserved land. Park visitors also help to establish that there is a demand for conserving our public spaces so that they can continue to be enjoyed for future generations.

Become Familiar With the American Antiquities Act

Most Americans have never heard of the American Antiquities Act even though it helped to establish 150 national forests, 18 national monuments, and five national parks among other many other conversation lands. The sole purpose of the act is to protect natural resources and public spaces that are scientifically and/or culturally important. It was most recently used by President Obama to further expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument, which was established by President George W. Bush.

Support the National Parks Conservation Association

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) provides additional support for our National Park System. The NPCA is responsible for a variety of valuable services and keeps the public updated on the condition of parks as well as the most recent happenings that impact conservation. The group serves as a powerful advocate for the preservation of our national parks, often lobbying on Capitol Hill to establish bills that further conservation of public land.

You can help the NPCA meet its goals by becoming a member, making a donation, attending a regional event or sharing your story.

Support the National Park Foundation

Another noteworthy organization is the National Park Foundation. The foundation supports initiatives that protect over 400 parks and the treasures they contain. They provide essential funding for projects that range from restoring wetlands to erecting monuments for 9/11 victims. Without the support individual donors the National Park Foundation’s work wouldn’t be possible. In addition to donations you can show support by becoming a member or joining the Stewardship Circle.


You can also do your part to protect our precious lands by reducing your waste generation and practicing safe waste management. If you have a large project or clean up that will create a significant amount of debris can help you keep the trash contained with dumpster rentals. Check online to find affordable rates in your area.