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DIY Home Projects for the Fall & Winter


Now that you’re stuck indoors during the cold months it’s the perfect opportunity to give your home a little TLC. Here are our top 5 picks for DIY home projects that are easier and more affordable to execute during the fall and winter.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Most people think about improving their home’s energy efficiency during the hot summer months, but this is when products and services are at a premium. If you make improvements during the fall and winter there’s a better chance that you’ll save some money. Even better – you’ll be prepared for summer as soon as it hits.

In addition to standard items like insulation and caulking up air leaks, it’s a good idea to add some smart features. For example, Nest is a programmable thermostat that can be controlled by your smart phone and learns your preferences so it can make automatic adjustments. Another new invention is Pulse Smart Bulbs that incorporate a wireless stereo system with lighting that can be controlled with your phone. These smart home features can help you save money on energy every month and add value to your home since they are in high demand with buyers. A recent Coldwell Banker study found that two thirds of buyers are interested in smart features like the ones noted above.

Improve the Lighting

Since you’ll already be focused on energy efficiency, another easy project to take on during the darker winter months is updating your lighting. From simply swapping out old bulbs for CFLs to replacing the fans and overhead lights, improving illumination will quickly transform the look of a room. You can also:

  • Change the light switch faceplates.
  • Add lamps or change the shades.
  • Update the fixtures to give a room an immediate facelift.

Also consider ways to improve the functionality of the lighting. Installing dimmers and sensors can give you more control over your lighting and lower electricity costs.

Update the Hardware

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update the look of your interior is by replacing the hardware on cabinets and doors. Knobs and handles may be small but they are eye-catching elements that are handled on a daily basis. Taking just an hour or two to replace them will have an instant impact that improves the look of your home and adds a bit of personal style.

Closet Organization

Closet space is one of the top items on all homeowners’ wish lists. No matter how much space you have it never seems like enough. When you can’t add more closets the next best thing is efficient organization.

The first step is going through and clearing out the clutter. Donate, trash or give away things that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. Next, consider how you want the space to function. Closet organization options are endless these days. When the space is cleared out it’s easier to see how to make the best use of the space. Create a plan on how you want things arranged and what you’ll need. Finally, set aside a full day to install your new shelves, racks, bins, etc.

Clear Out the Garage

Once your closets are in order, you may find that the garage needs a little attention as well. A garage clear out is perfect during the fall and winter when you don’t have to deal with stifling heat that slows the work down. You’ll also have more room to park your vehicles so you don’t have to get out in the cold. While you’re reorganizing you may want to consider creating a pseudo mudroom around the entry into your home. This can help keep coats and boots collected in an area where the mess can be contained.

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