Take the Stress and Worry Out of Waste Removal with Affordable, Reliable Dumpster Rental Service

The historic City of Manassas, VA takes great pride in its history and majestic natural surroundings. As the population grows more projects and renovations have gotten underway, which means debris and waste has to have some place to go. Dumpsters.biz offers residents, landlords, businesses and construction companies single-stream roll-off dumpsters that make waste removal easier to schedule and more affordable.

Dumpsters.biz operates in all 9.9 square miles of Manassas and the surrounding areas. We take great care and pride in our commercial and residential dumpster service whether customers are in Cannon Branch Fort, Manassas Park or Yorkshire. We help you handle the trash removal process at every step:

  • Professional assistance selecting the most cost effective trash dumpster.
  • Call to request a drop off dumpster delivery or schedule online in minutes.
  • Our team keeps up-to-date with the Manassas Solid Waste Management Plan so there’s no concern over violating regulations.
  • Proper onsite placement that’s within regulations and makes removal easy.
  • Make one call to request a waste dumpster pickup.
  • Throw everything in one trash container – we’ll separate the recyclables.

There’s no need to make multiple trips to the Prince William Country landfill, saving you time and money. You get clean, green trash removal that’s more convenient than trying to haul trash in trucks.

When you need reliable roll-off dumpster service that can keep your job site clean and projects on track Dumpsters.biz is a business you can count on.

Removing Trash is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Take the First Step Today by Scheduling a Trash Dumpster Delivery in Manassas

Guidelines for Selecting the Most Cost Efficient Dumpster Size

Roll away dumpsters are the most convenient trash removal method, but in order to make it the most cost effective you need to select the right size of dumpster. We can help Manassas residents and businesses get the perfect dumpster size that meets the needs of your project without wasting space. Call our knowledgeable representatives for personal assistance selecting trash dumpster sizes or use the guide below.

Dumpster Dimensions, Capacities & Load Limits

10 Yard Container

A 10 yard dumpster has 10 cubic yards of space which equates to 3 pickup loads of trash with a 4,000 lbs. maximum capacity.

15 Yard Container

A 15 yard dumpster has 15 cubic yards of space which equates to 4.5 pickup loads of trash with a 6,000 lbs. maximum capacity.
20 Yard Container

A 20 yard dumpster has 20 cubic yards of space which equates to 6 pickup loads of trash with an 8,000 lbs. maximum capacity.

30 Yard Container

A 30 yard dumpster has 30 cubic yards of space which equates to 9 pickup loads of trash with a 10,000 lbs. maximum capacity.

40 Yard Container

A 40 yard dumpster has 40 cubic yards of space which equates to 12 pickup loads of trash with a 10,000 lbs. maximum capacity.

Get the Best Trash Dumpster Size for the Lowest Price – Call Today for Help From a Dumpster Rental Expert

Debris That Can & Can’t Put Into Manassas Trash Container Rentals


When yard debris and trash won’t fit in a regular garbage can it’s time to rent a dumpster. Our cheap dumpsters are more convenient and inclusive than city courtesy trucks. With a single-stream trash dumpster rental everything can be thrown into a one roll-off waste container:

  • General municipal waste
  • Construction debris and materials
  • Concrete, gravel and stone
  • Roofing materials
  • Yard waste
  • Dirt

Manassas city requires you to separate recyclables and yard waste from trash. If you want to be able to throw away all your waste without having to stop and think about what can and can’t go in the container our dumpster rental service is the easy solution. The only materials that can’t go in our dumpsters is hazardous waste. Manassas, Virginia and the federal government all have laws and regulations that prohibit eWaste and hazardous waste from being thrown out in commercial dumpsters.

Get All of Your Trash Handled in a Single Load With a Reliable Waste Container Rental From Dumpsters.biz


Top Rate Service With Low Trash Dumpster Prices

It’s rare to find first-class customer service and affordable prices, but that’s exactly what you get with Dumpsters.biz. When you need to have waste removed to keep a job site operating, get a home ready for move-in or clean up after a renovation our cheap dumpster rentals can keep things on schedule and under budget. It all starts with fair, transparent pricing along with:

  • Flat dumpster rental rates
  • No hidden fees
  • No unexpected taxes added after ordering
  • Terms and conditions that are easy to understand
  • Dumpster experts that help customers choose the most cost efficient container

When you know what can be put in containers, how much can be contained and how to use a commercial dumpster you won’t have to pay needless fees. Part of the service we offer is educating customers on every aspect of scheduling and using dumpsters. The more you know the more you’ll save!

Get Your Trash Contained Without Spending a Truck Load – Fast, Affordable & Reliable Dumpster Rentals Are Now Available in Manassas